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Here you will find everything you need to facilitate lasting lifestyle change ... on line discussion, email support, health information, exercise ideas, local classes, and much more.

Fat and Fit Inc. was created in 1999 to give EVERYBODY a place to come where they could exercise in comfort, feel accepted and learn how to become healthy ...regardless of size or shape. Our goals may differ ... but we all have one thing in common ... a desire to change the direction our health is taking.

You may want to learn about eating a well balanced diet ... or you might need to start moving your body safely and carefully, perhaps you have a specific health issue you need to work on. Many of us feel lost in an ever growing sea of information. Fat and Fit Inc. will make it easy for you!!! No tricks, no miracles, just straight talk and sound information.

Email I would personally like to get to know you.  The best thing we can do for each other on our quest for health, is offer support.  So write me with health questions, exercise woes, nutrition quandaries ... anything...be patient, I will write you back!

Knowledge is power
The more you know ... The more successful you can be
Set your goals ... Build success

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